The 4 Dimensions


How does your team plan and work toward its goals?
"Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago." — Warren Buffett
A quick Google search reveals countless tools, technologies, tips and tricks for getting work done, from simple sticky notes all the way to complex project management systems. But at its core, executing on a project means collaborating with others in a way that works not just for us as individuals, but for the entire group.
While every team has its own idiosyncrasies, its execution style will fall into one of two archetypes.


teams create detailed implementation plans that they then closely follow and diligently maintain.

Characteristics of



  • Every project starts with a detailed implementation plan. That plan needs to be approved before action can start.
  • You regularly review progress against your implementation plans, diligently pursuing milestones and updating the plan as circumstances evolve.
  • When something unexpected happens, your team's first instinct is to go back to the original plan and figure out why it wasn't anticipated.



teams excel

Environments where predictable delivery against defined outcomes is essential, e.g.,

  • Long, complex projects with high costs of changing direction, like infrastructure and engineering efforts.
  • Efforts that require coordination across multiple stakeholders (both internal and potentially external), like product launches and integrated marketing campaigns.
  • Heavily regulated environments with detailed standards like healthcare, finance, or aviation call for meticulous planning to stay in compliance.


teams stay responsive to new information, with lightweight plans that are quickly tossed aside in the face of changing circumstances.

Characteristics of



  • You move (nearly!) immediately from the point at which a decision is made to taking action.
  • Many projects don't have a detailed plan defined, with the team opting to "figure it out at as we go."
  • For those times when a plan does get defined, it's lightweight (and perhaps rarely referenced again).



teams excel

Environments where where immediate action or a rapid "test and learn" approach is required, e.g.,

  • Industries or projects where conditions change rapidly, such as startups or crisis response, where the ability to adapt quickly is crucial.
  • Situations where the correct path is unknowable (or too expensive or time consuming to discover), and the best way forward is to act, measure, and iterate. This includes the early stages of pure research & development.
  • Short-term projects with less complexity that require quick turnaround times, as these settings allow the Spontaneous team to leverage their flexible planning and rapid execution strengths.
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Building a great team is about more than just who is on your team. It's also about how they work together.

How does your team communicate and collaborate to get work done? Is it all about detailed documentation and rigorously defined implementations? Or maybe your team prefers informal chats and lightweight plans?

TeamDynamics captures the fundamentals of how modern teams work, from generating insights to putting plans into action. Explore the four dimensions of TeamDynamics and start your journey towards a better, more fulfilling team experience.

How well do you know your team?

We've analyzed thousands of teams across industries, functions, and geographies. Here's a few things we've found.

Understanding how your team works is the key to getting work done (and having fun while doing it). You might be surprised what you learn.

Only 1/3 of managers know their teams.
Just 36% of managers correctly identify their team's type. If you don't know how your team works, how can you manage it?
9 in 10 people are out of alignment with their team.
91% of individuals are in tension with at least one of their team's core behaviors (two-thirds are in tension with 2 or more behaviors). Learn to thrive, even where you might naturally struggle!
3 out of 5 people want to work differently.
60% of individuals would prefer that their team execute towards its objectives differently. Maybe it's time to change how the team is working?
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TeamDynamics is a tool for individuals and teams who believe that teamwork should be intentional and rewarding.

We spend just as much time today with our coworkers as we do with our loved ones. We have tools to manage our relationships with partners: love languages, compatibility tests, therapy, and more.

But when it comes to relationships with our professional teams, we're flying blind. It doesn't have to be that way.

TeamDynamics is a team building tool to help the modern team get more done and have more fun while doing it. Quantify your team's behaviors. Describe them with a shared language. Improve your team's performance with tailored recommendations.

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Software Engineer

"When I switched teams, I felt like I lost my instincts for working with my colleagues: things that were easy to coordinate before seemed to take forever, and I couldn't get my points across. TeamDynamics helped me get my groove back."

Jamie F.
Product Marketing Manager

"I was asked to lead a workshop on working styles at our last offsite. I had no idea what to do. I came across TeamDynamics as I was looking for examples, and it saved me literally hours preparing for the session. Oh, and I got super positive feedback afterwards!"

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