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Take your coaching practice to the next level with TeamDynamics

TeamDynamics is the personality test for modern teams. It's a powerful addition to your professional coaching practice, whether you're working with individuals, small teams, or Fortune 100 organizations.

TeamDynamics includes a modern, mobile-friendly online assessment and a detailed guide for understanding how modern teams work together, personalized for your clients.

Here's why professional coaches use TeamDynamics.

Powerful insights.

A team is more than the sum of its parts; it has emergent behaviors and preferences that aren't fully explained by the individuals in it.

Your clients need a tool to help them understand both their teams and where they fit in. TeamDynamics provides both.

Deeper relationships.

The more you understand your clients' contexts the better your guidance.

TeamDynamics gives you a window into your clients' day-to-day professional lives, and an opportunity to engage with others in their workplace.

Easy to use.

Say goodbye to complicated administration, account setup, and manual order forms.

The TeamDynamics system automatically handles invitations, reminders, analysis, report creation and delivery — so you can focus on adding valuable coaching, not process management.

Flexible, affordable pricing.

Want to set your own pricing and invoice your clients directly? Or do you prefer to have clients order directly from us?

Either way, TeamDynamics is made to be affordable, with pricing that is significantly lower than competing personality tests.

No certification required.

No need for time-consuming, expensive certification courses.

TeamDynamics is easy to administer and its framework is intuitive to apply. And with tailored, tangible, recommendations to improve your clients' performance, you'll have a natural starting point for coaching conversations and action planning.

TeamDynamics is a tool for individuals and teams who believe that teamwork should be intentional and rewarding.

We spend just as much time today with our coworkers as we do with our loved ones. We have tools to manage our relationships with partners: love languages, compatibility tests, therapy, and more.

But when it comes to relationships with our professional teams, we're flying blind. It doesn't have to be that way.

TeamDynamics is a team building tool to help the modern team get more done and have more fun while doing it. Quantify your team's behaviors. Describe them with a shared language. Improve your team's performance with tailored recommendations.

Roger D.
Startup Founder

"Rapidly scaling, our team needed structure. TeamDynamics helped us get it. Two thumbs up!"

David S.
Software Engineer

"When I switched teams, I felt like I lost my instincts for working with my colleagues: things that were easy to coordinate before seemed to take forever, and I couldn't get my points across. TeamDynamics helped me get my groove back."

Jason A.
Director of Sales

"Before TeamDynamics, our sales team was disjointed and often working against each other. Now, we have a unified front that understands how to get along. Our numbers show the improvement."

The personality test for modern teams

There's no "I" in team, so why are we still using individual personality tests from the 1950s in today's workplace?

TeamDynamics is the personality test for the modern team. Here's how it compares to other popular workplace personality tests: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), StrengthsFinder 2.0 (CliftonStrengths), and the DiSC personality assessment.

Designed for today's workplace
Individual insights
Team personality profile
Actionable recommendations to improve performance
Easy-to-apply framework
Works with other personality tests
Personalized presentation to facilitate a team discussion
Price per user

What are the 16 TeamDynamics?

Teams are categorized into one of 16 team "types" (or TeamDynamics) based on the norms they exhibit for communicating and collaborating to get work done.

Learn about the 4 Dimensions of TeamDynamics

Four dimensions describe the most important elements of team interactions. Eight Dynamics represent opposite behaviors along these dimensions.

How it works

TeamDynamics is designed for both individuals and teams, and using it is easy and fast.


Modern, mobile, fast, and fun — take the web-based assessment at your desk, over breakfast, or on the bus.


Detailed analysis reveals how your team works together and where and how your own preferences fit. Get tailored recommendations for yourself and your team.


Jumpstart a discussion as a team with a ready-to-use presentation, customized for you. Build a plan to keep the conversation going.

Want to see what it's like?

Get a personalized 'Rapid Result' and have a sample TeamDynamics report sent straight to your inbox.

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