The 16 Team Types

ILAS: The Agile Startup

Information is surfaced and shared organically.
Information is evaluated on its own merits without regard to source.
Decision is driven by direction from team leadership.
Lightweight plans favor agility and adaptability.
ILAS: The Agile Startup

The ILAS team—informal, logical, authoritative, and spontaneous— captures the dynamic spirit of a fast-growing startup. Communication here is straightforward and casual, bypassing rigid protocols and encouraging creativity. In this setting, discussions use data-driven insights that favor logic over feelings to propel decisions forward.

This team thrives under a leadership style that is decisive and direct, where the team leader makes quick, firm decisions to keep up changes—though often leaving little room for debate. Their execution style is similarly energetic and impromptu, mirroring the ever-changing demands of startup life. 

In this team, flexibility is key, with strategies and plans frequently adapted on the fly to meet new challenges head-on.

Words that typically describe


teams include:


Characteristics of



  • Team discussions are informal and direct, allowing for rapid idea exchange and a creative, open atmosphere.
  • Decisions are grounded in logical analysis and data, emphasizing efficiency in problem-solving.
  • The team leader makes quick, authoritative decisions, setting a clear direction with minimal consultation.
  • Plans and strategies are flexible, adapting quickly to new opportunities or changes in the market.



teams excel:

  • Their authoritative leadership style allows for quick, decisive action that is crucial in high-stakes or rapidly changing situations. The team often avoids lengthy deliberations and moves forward to implementation.
  • The spontaneous nature of their execution means they can pivot quickly in response to new information or market shifts, making them highly adaptable and capable of capitalizing on emerging opportunities.
  • The informal communication style fosters a more relaxed and open atmosphere, encouraging creativity and the free flow of ideas among team members. This can lead to innovative–and unexpected!–solutions.
  • This team isn't afraid to take risks, thanks to their spontaneous and authoritative traits. They’re willing to experiment and challenge norms.

Potential blind spots for



  • With a focus on big-picture thinking and rapid decision-making, this team might overlook finer details or fail to thoroughly assess all implications, leading to potential oversights or errors in their projects.
  • Teams that thrive on spontaneity may struggle with routine tasks or maintaining long-term focus on projects that require consistent, steady progress rather than bursts of innovation.
  • The combination of informal communication and authoritative decision-making might not sit well with everyone, potentially leading to conflicts or dissatisfaction among team members who prefer more inclusive or structured leadership styles.
  • The qualities that make ILAS teams excel in startups and fast-moving situations might hinder them as they scale. The informal and flexible structures that work in small teams can become chaotic or inefficient in larger, more complex contexts.

Areas of growth for



  • As the team grows, establishing clearer processes and more defined roles can help manage complexity and maintain efficiency. This involves setting up systems for communication, decision-making, and project management that can scale with the team.
  • To balance their authoritative decision-making style, the team should incorporate diverse perspectives and feedback into their process. This can be achieved by occasionally bringing in external experts or holding brainstorming sessions that allow all team members to voice their opinions.
  • While maintaining their informal and spontaneous culture, regular structured check-ins can help the team stay aligned and accountable–and coordinate with other teams. These sessions can ensure that no critical details are missed and that everyone is on the same page, within and outside of the team.
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